Stereotype Threat

The goal of this facilitator-led training module is to:

  • increase awareness of stereotype threat and its impact on students of color
  • develop skills for managing stereotype threat
  • foster a culture of inclusion and belonging
  • support the development of anti-racist leaders


Training modules are tailored to three competency levels—foundational, intermediate and advanced—each of which encompasses specific knowledge, skills and actions (KSAs) that promote racial equity. Take the Self-Assessment Survey to determine your initial competency level.

Self-Assessment Survey


This training module is designed to be conducted in a half-day workshop (approximately 3-4 hours). Participants will engage in personal reflection, transformative conversations, and interactive activities to foster collaborative knowledge exchange among participants. It utilizes innovative teaching methods and incorporates students’ lived experiences.

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome and Overview: Introduce the training objectives, goals, and the importance of addressing stereotype threat in higher educationUnderstanding the concept of racial trauma in higher education
    • Understanding the concept of stereotype threat in higher education and its impact and the campus community
  1. SESSION 1: Understanding Stereotype Threat
    • Self Reflection Activity: Participants will individually reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of stereotype threat in higher education settings
    • Presentation: Facilitator provides an overview of stereotype threat, its impact on students of color, and its implications for performance and engagement 
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