Racial Trauma

The goal of this facilitator-led training module is to:

  • increase awareness of racial trauma and systemic racism
  • foster culturally responsive teaching strategies
  • employ equity-centered decision making
  • support students’ mental health through empathetic communication and inclusive campus spaces


Training modules are tailored to three competency levels—foundational, intermediate and advanced—each of which encompasses specific knowledge, skills and actions (KSAs) that promote racial equity. Take the Self-Assessment Survey to determine your initial competency level.

Self-Assessment Survey


This training module is designed to be conducted in a half-day workshop (approximately 3-4 hours). Participants will engage in personal reflection, transformative conversations, and interactive activities to develop culturally responsive approaches that create healing spaces for marginalized racial and ethnic groups. 

  1. Introduction 
    • Welcome and overview of the training module’s objectives
    • Understanding the concept of racial trauma in higher education and its impact and the campus community
  1. Recognizing Racial Trauma
    • Definition and manifestations of racial trauma, with a focus on experiences in educational settings
    • Research findings on the psychological and emotional effects of racial discrimination and disparities 
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