Linear Algebra


Three of the CONNECT schools, Cape Cod Community College (CCCC), Bridgewater State University (BSU), and UMASS Dartmouth (UMD),  offer courses in Linear Algebra, with BSU offering two distinct courses, one for three credits and one for four.  Neither Bristol Community College (BCC),  Massasoit Community College (MCC), nor Mass Maritime Academy (MMA) currently offers Linear Algebra.


 Linear Algebra Table


There are basically two separate equivalences here.  The three credit course at BSU is intended for Computer Science students and generally covers Systems of Linear Equations, Matrices, Determinants, Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations, but not Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.  This course concentrates more on the transformational geometry that is used in Graphics and Robotics.  The four-credit course at BSU is intended for Mathematics majors, as is the three credit course at UMD.  The three-credit course at CCCC, although intended for Computer Science students, is similar to these, with more emphasis on abstract Vector Spaces, Eigenvalues, and Eigenvectors.  In general, these are more theory-oriented, than application-oriented.

Generally, these courses are all taught by full time faculty, so there is little provided by the Departments beyond minimal syllabi.  Assessment methods seem similar and all incorporate technology, although the four-credit BSU course and the UMD course tend to use Maple or Matlab, while the other courses tend more towards the use of graphing calculators.

UMD accepts the CCCC and BSU courses as equivalent to theirs.  BSU accepts the CCCC course as its 4-credit course, but only gives 3 credits for it.  BSU doesn’t list the UMD course for transfer, but it should transfer similarly to the CCCC course.


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