CONNECT Math Member Biographies and Contact Information

Current Project Members

Jane DeVoe

Massasoit Community College

508-588-9100  x2646

Jane DeVoe is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics   College. She has an MA in Mathematics. At Massasoit she has served as the CONNECT representative for the past 4 years. Her teaching responsibilities have included Developmental Courses through Calculus. She also teaches the Mathematics courses for pre-service elementary majors and Statistics. Most recently she has been the instructor of an online Precalculus class. She has worked with various levels of students grades K-16 and beyond. Her work includes the teaching of both Mathematics content courses and Mathematics methods courses for both elementary and secondary level students.  As a Project Support Liaison for CESAME at Northeastern University she worked on NSF funded projects in which she assisted various school districts around the New England Area by providing professional development in the implementation of new curricula. She continues to teach courses as an adjunct in the department of Mathematics.


Jack Keating

Massasoit Community College

508-588-9100  x1930

Jack Keating is a Professor of Mathematics at MassasoitCommunity College and a member of the CONNECT Math Project. Jack is very active in AMATYC, serving as the Northeast Regional Vice-President for 6 years and the Local Arrangements Chair for the National Conference which was held in Boston in November 2010.


Saeja O. Kim

UMASS Dartmouth


Saeja is a Professor of Mathematics at UMASS Dartmouth, where she has been a faculty member since 1990.  She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  She has been involved in student research on the NSF-CSUMS: Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education grant, as well as a Coach and Consultant (since 2008) for RI Barrington Middle School MATHCOUNTS Team from 1994 to 2010.  Currently, she is a General Education Committee member and a faculty co-advisor for UMD SIAM student chapter.  She is a strong supporter of teaching mathematics with computer algebra system software.

Biyong Luo

UMASS Dartmouth


 Biyong got his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 2001 at York University, Canada.  His research involves numerical analysis of partial differential equations.  He has taught several college and university math courses inChinaandCanadafor over ten years. Since 2007, he has been teaching first year math courses at UMD and administrating the First –Year Program in Mathematics

as the First Year Mathematics Coordinator. 


Susan McCourt

Bristol Community College

508-678-2811  x2447

Susan McCourt joined the Math group in 2010. She is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and earned her MA at the Universityof Marylandwith her work concentrating on Algebraic Number Theory. Recently, she has taught Developmental Math, Liberal Arts Math, and Statistics. She enjoys teaching mathematics online and using technology in her teaching, speaking about her work at the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, the Northeast Regional Meeting of the Mathematics Association of America, the Massachusetts Colleges Online Conference and the New England Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges Conference. In the past she served as the Director of the Lash Center for Teaching and Learning at Bristol and a member of a state-wide team to develop rubrics for the 10th grade MCAS.


Becky Metcalf

Bridgewater State University


Becky has been the Facilitator of the Math group since August 2008.  Her graduate work is mathematics, as well as mathematics education.  At BSU, she teaches mathematics courses for elementary teacher candidates and serves as the Mathematics Education Liaison for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.


Mary Kehoe Moynihan

Cape Cod Community College

508-362-2131  x4471

Mary is a Professor at Cape Cod Community College (CCCC). She has taught mathematics and computer science at CCCC since January 1979. Mary currently serves as President of the New England Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges. She is a community college faculty representative on the CC-OLI project. The purpose of CC-OLI is to establish a consortium of community colleges that will enact a large scale, systems-change process that increases efficiency in the way instruction is developed, delivered, evaluated, and continuously improved. Her most recent work with CC-OLI was to add instructions for the TI 83/84 to the free online Statistics material.


Glenn Pavlicek

Bridgewater State University


Glenn is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bridgewater State University (BSU), where he has taught courses in both disciplines since 1984.  He is the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Masters Degree in Computer Science and also serves as Director of MACS, the Mathematics and Computer Science Collaborative, which has been providing professional development for area K-12 Math teachers for the past 25 years.  He has served on and chaired numerous college and statewide committees, including the college-wide Curriculum Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and accreditation committees, and has served as Chapter President of the faculty union.



Greg Sethares

Bristol Community College

508-678-2811  x2063

Greg is Professor and Mathematics Chair at Bristol Community College (BCC), where he has taught since January 1994.  Since 2006 he has represented BCC on the CONNECT Math Project and currently serves as co-facilitator of the project.  Since 2007, he has represented the Division of Math, Science and Engineering as a Senator in the BCC Faculty and Professional Staff Senate and currently serves as Senate President.  For seven years, he was the founding Director of Bristol’s Commonwealth Honors Program.  He has held a variety of positions within the Massachusetts Community College Council, including local chapter President, Treasurer, Strategic Action Coordinator and member of the statewide Board of Directors.  Prior to 1994, he spent six years teaching high school mathematics inMaineandMassachusetts.


Aaron Wan

Cape Cod Community College

508-362-2131 x4340

Aaron Wan began teaching at Cape Cod Community Collegein 2004. Previously he worked as an instructor at LaGuardia Community Collegefor seven years, while completing his doctorate at The City University of New York. Aaron teaches developmental mathematics as well as courses designed for students in the liberal arts programs. He has been a CONNECT Math member since 2005.   



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