Welcome to the CONNECT Mathematics Partnership

The CONNECT Mathematics Partnership seeks to build a collaboration among mathematics faculty at the CONNECT institutions on the topics, learning outcomes, and modes of pedagogy in the mathematics sequences on these campuses. The purpose is to improve the understanding and, ultimately, the alignment of mathematics preparation for students who transfer among the CONNECT institutions.

Our specific goals are to develop:

  1. Greater consistency in the preparation of native and transfer students at the four-year campuses.
  2. Ease in transfer of mathematics courses among the institutions.
  3. Open lines of communication and working relationships among mathematics faculty in the two- and four-year institutions.
  4. Articulation of the learning goals and outcomes for college-level mathematics across the six institutions.
  5. A clear roadmap for overcoming the challenges uncovered in this project.

The partnership has established a method of collection and analysis of information on mathematics topics, learning outcomes, modes of pedagogy, and methods of operation of comparable courses on each campus. The group has aligned the mathematics courses along eight different “tracks” that permit comparison among similar courses. The tracks, spreadsheets comparing the courses, and summaries of findings are shown in the navigation bar on the left.

MARCH 2011 Update:

Notably, with the help of mathematics faculty members at the six CONNECT institutions, the CONNECT Mathematics Partnership has facilitated a transfer agreement for many of the course tracks listed.  The CONNECT Math Transfer Agreement, which lists specific transfer course equivalencies for the agreed upon course tracks, will be continually updated as more transfer course equivalencies are established.


For further information about the CONNECT Mathematics Partnership, please contact:

Becky Metcalf